Alternator Freewheel Clutch

Alternator Freewheel Clutches

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Buy alternator freewheel clutches with GSF Car Parts today. If you’re experiencing problems with your alternator, then a faulty freewheel clutch may be to blame. To find the most suitable replacement for your car, just enter the make and model details into our handy product finder tool above.

Many modern vehicles have complex alternator systems, and so use an overrunning alternator pulley in place of a traditional solid pulley. They work by allowing the alternator to “freewheel” or overrun whenever the engine decelerates, while also dampening the vibrations around the alternator.

However, like any car part, the freewheel clutch can be susceptible to wear and tear over time. If there’s a problem with the alternator freewheel clutch pulley, you might notice squealing or screeching sounds or unusual vibrations coming for the engine area when the car is running. You can also find the recommended service intervals for this part in your car owner’s manual.

Here at GSF Car Parts, we stock quality alternator freewheel clutch pulleys from trusted auto parts supply brands, so you can rely on them to keep this crucial part of the vehicle’s electrical system running smoothly. Remember, not all cars use the same pulley types, so it’s very important to make sure you find the correct part — use our product tool to see the most suitable replacements for your vehicle.

If replacing the freewheel clutch doesn’t fix the problem, or more extensive repairs are required, you may want to shop our other alternator parts range to find everything you’ll need to finish the job. We have replacements for every component in the alternator, including regulators, pulleys, carbon brushes, belt guards mounts, and tensioning bolts. Browse the range to find what you need today.

We offer free UK delivery over £25, and also offer fast and convenient Click & Collect service. So, don’t delay — order a replacement freewheel alternator pulley with GSF Car Parts now.