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At GSF Car Parts, you'll find reliable alternator pulleys for a variety of vehicles. We stock alternator pulleys that can be used to replace faulty parts without replacing the entire alternator, ensuring your car battery and other electrical consumers — like the lights, heating, and fans — can all do their job properly. Not sure which is the right type for your car? Enter the make and model into the tool above and we'll show you the most suitable pulleys for your vehicle.  

The crankshaft in your car's engine is connected to the alternator by a serpentine belt and several pulleys, including the alternator pulley. When the engine is running, it turns the crankshaft, which in turn runs the belt through the pulleys. The alternator pulley spins, turning the magnetic rotor inside the stationary stator assembly, which the alternator then turns into a direct current that is used to power your car's battery and other electrical systems.

Without a correctly functioning alternator pulley, the alternator won't be able to produce this charge, which could lead to a total failure to start.  So, if you suspect an issue with the pulley, it's important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you need to make further repairs to your alternator, be sure to browse our alternator repair range to find more parts and tools. You can also shop our alternator mounts, brushes, belt guards, and tensioning bolts to find any other replacement parts you might need. 

We offer free UK delivery when you spend £25 or more — ideal if you want to save money on your repairs. You can also take advantage of our Click & Collect service, which allows you to collect your order from one of over 70 local branches. Buy a replacement alternator pulley with GSF Car Parts today.