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Find reliable replacement brake pad sensors for all makes and models at GSF Car Parts. We have a selection of high-quality sensors from top aftermarket suppliers, meaning you can be sure they'll alert you next time you need to replace the brake pads. Discover competitively priced brake pad wear sensors by entering your car's details in the tool above.

There are two types of brake pad wear sensor: electrical and mechanical. Electrical sensors work by breaking a complete circuit once the pad has worn down to a certain level (3mm on most vehicles), which then triggers a warning light or message on the dash. Mechanical variants use a metal clip, which is attached to the pad. Once it has worn down below the recommended level, the clip comes in to contact with the brake disc, making an audible squealing noise, which alerts the driver.

Naturally, if the brake pad sensor isn't functioning properly, you won't realise if the brake pads are wearing dangerously thin. So, it's important to check that everything is working as it should be and replace the part if needed. Here at GSF Car Parts, we stock both mechanical and electrical brake pad sensors for a wide range of different vehicles, so you should have no problem finding a replacement you can count on.

The sensors will need changing every time the brake pads wear down, so it’s best to do these jobs at the same time — see our brake pad replacement kits to find everything you need. We have lots more braking parts in stock, so, if you think your car might need extra repairs or maintenance, you might also want to shop our range of brake discs, brake lines, and brake calipers. Be sure to stock up on brake fluid and brake cleaner while you're here, too.

Order a replacement brake pad wear sensor from our online store today and receive free UK delivery over £25. We also have a fast and convenient Click and Collect service. All you need to do is place your order, and your brake pad sensor will be ready to pick up from your local branch as soon as an hour later. Buy now.