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At GSF Car Parts, we have a reliable selection of contact breaker points that will get your ignition working again. We stock an extensive selection from reputable automotive brands, meaning you can count on them to do the job and be easy to fit. To find the right type for your car, just enter the details of vehicle into the product selector above.

The contact breaker is a type of electrical switch located inside the distributor in points-type ignition systems. Essentially, they're a part of the system that generates an electrical charge, which in turn creates a spark at exactly the right moment to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine, getting your car going.

As the contact breaker opens and closes every time the engine turns over, they can be susceptible to wear and pitting over time. So, these parts often need to be replaced. Here at GSF Car Parts, we have reliable contact breaker points that will do the job you need, as well as being straightforward to fit.

Your car's ignition system is complex, and requires lots of different components all working in synchronisation. So, you may find that you need to replace other elements in order to complete your repairs. We have a huge range of ignition system parts, including ignition switches, coils, condensers, distributor caps, sparking plugs and cable kits so you should have no difficulty finding the parts you require.

Order ignition points with GSF Car Parts today, and you'll receive free UK delivery when you spend £25. You might also want to use our convenient Click and Collect service, which enables you to pick up your parts from a GSF Car Parts branch in under an hour's time. Shop now.