Glow Plug Parking Heater

Diesel Parking Heater Glow Plug

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At GSF Car Parts, we supply diesel parking heater glow plugs that are essential for encouraging fuel combustion in your engine. These glow plugs are an add-on to parking heaters found in diesel engines. They work to heat up the incoming fuel and air in your parking heater and create a reaction that enables your engine to start, so you can drive.

Parking heater glow plugs are very important engine parts for diesel vehicles. There needs to be one per cylinder in the engine, so often a car will use up to ten at any one time. However, cold weather and age will wear these down, meaning it's important that you regularly check these and replace them when they're damaged.

However, be aware that there are plenty of other reasons why your engine might not be starting. This could be down to a number of other important parts including an uncharged or faulty car battery, corroded battery cables, faulty fuel pump, or a broken ignition switch. It can even be down to the failure of the starter motor relay. So, it's important that you check all of these elements, too.

You'll also need to ensure you take care of the inside of your engine and that it is always well lubricated with engine oil. This will reduce the friction between different engine parts, with increases the longevity and health of your engine.

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