Alternator Carbon Bushes

Alternator Carbon Brushes

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Get your car's power system working with these alternator brushes from GSF Car Parts. If you’re having problems with your car's electrical system, you may need to repair the alternator by replacing the carbon brushes that maintain contact with the rotor. And, we have replacement alternator parts that will allow you to do just that. Enter your car's make and model details to find the right brushes for your vehicle.

Your car's alternator powers your car battery, along with all the other electrical consumers, such as the air con, headlights, and instrument panel. The brushes play the crucial role of providing power to the field coil on the rotor using two slip rings.

Carbon brushes are normally made from a highly conductive graphite material and are secured by tensioned brush holders, which means they are very strong and long-lasting. However, it is possible for them to wear down over time. Most brushes will last around 120,000 miles, after which point they will normally need replacing.

If you find that your car battery won't charge up, or the battery warning light is lit, it could be a sign that the alternator brushes aren't working and are no longer providing a sound electrical connection. You can test the brushes by doing a voltage check using a multimeter.

Shop our full alternator repair range to find more parts and tools for fixing this crucial part. We also offer alternator mounts, pulleys, and belt guards, and tensioning bolts that might be useful to you.

We offer free UK delivery when you spend £25 or more, so you can keep the cost of repair work as low as possible. Need to get your car up and running as soon as possible? Use our Click & Collect service, which provides the option to pick up your order up from a choice of 70+ local branches. Buy a replacement alternator brush with GSF Car Parts today.