Final Drive

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Final Drive

Final drive is the means of transmitting power to the wheels of a car. This is the responsibility of the car’s driveshafts; which transfer engine power through the CV joints to the wheels.

As is always the case with rotating joints which deal with a great amount of movement, force or kinetic power, these parts are susceptible to wear and tear over time. To ensure the efficient transmission of power from the engine, worn out final drive parts should be replaced by suitable alternatives when necessary. Read More

The GSF Car Parts online store supplies CV joints, boots, drive shafts and other important elements of the final drive system. All of the parts available have been manufactured by leading parts brands, and you’ll find a variety of parts for many well known car models and light commercial vehicles. Better yet, great savings are available against the dealership equivalent, and we’ll help you to find the parts that are compatible with your car.

To find the final drive parts that are right for your car, all you have to do is type your registration number into the box provided, and then confirm the make and model of your car. Next, we can direct you to the CV joints, propshaft joints and propshaft flange bolts that are right for your car.