Carlube: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

Carlube encompasses a complete range of lubricants to meet the ever changing demands of modern vehicles, including an extended range of low SAPS, fully synthetic engine oils.
Carlube Triple R Fully Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic are top specification oils meeting the latest API, ACEA & OEM requirements, developed for the latest generation of naturally aspirated and turbo-assisted engines. Carlube Mineral, Semi and Fully Synthetic oils have been designed to meet the increasing demand for quality but affordable lubricants.

Workshop Consumables
CarPlan offers a wide range of the finest quality and specification workshop consumables available to meet the demands of both the professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts.
From brake cleaners to underbody sealants, fuel cans to maintenance spray, and from engine cleaners to exhaust repair products, CarPlan can provide a cost effective alternative to expensive repairs, with routine maintenance products to sustain a vehicle’s peak efficiency.

The complete winter car care range available from Tetrosyl, consisting of antifreeze, de-icer, screenwash and ice scrapers available under the market leading CarPlan brand. Bluecol, the original number 1 premium antifreeze brand, is also now firmly back in British hands with the privately owned Tetrosyl group and today there is a Bluecol range to suit commercial and domestic users.

CarPlan provides a comprehensive range of car care products from washing, renovation, polishing and accessories to interior and exterior valeting. Brand leaders like Original Black, Demon Shine, Flash Dash and Wonder has enabled CarPlan to remain at the top of the automotive industry as the most recognised and trusted car care brand in the UK.




Carlube 5w30 for Ford Engines.