The Vauxhall Meriva is a family-friendly vehicle that first entered production in 2002. The car is known for its practicality, safety and unmatched driving performance. It was designed with the needs of a family in mind, ensuring it hit on key factors important to parents, like flexibility, convenience and comfort. Because of this, the Meriva features design elements like flexible rear seats, a centre console system, a floor luggage compartment and 32 different possibilities for storage. It also comes with sophisticated technology, like FlexDoors, an electric parking brake, adaptive forward lighting and IntelliLink infotainment system.

The Meriva comes in a variety of models, including S, SE, Energy, Tech Line and Exclusiv. Each of these models boasts their own unique qualities that make them the ideal solution for a growing family to use. However, they also share one thing in common. Like any other car on the road today, they aren’t perfect. Vauxhall parts can and do fail, and when they do, you need to make sure you understand what is going on and how to address the situation. Before you decide to purchase a Vauxhall Meriva, be certain you understand exactly what problems may occur.


Common Problematic Car Parts With the Meriva

  • Steering Rack- One of the first signs of a problem with the steering rack is a knocking noise heard around the suspension. You’ll likely notice it when driving over a rough or uneven surface, such as when you hit a pot hole or drive over a speed hump. This car part must be replaced in order to fix the issue and prevent the rest of the suspension from becoming damaged.


  • Gear Linkage- Changing gears is part of driving when you own a vehicle with a manual transmission, but what would you do if your car struggled to change gears or refused to at all? Many car owners might believe at first that this problem is the transmission. In reality, it’s actually a gear linkage problem. The specific gear that your Meriva struggles to go into will be the one that must be replaced.


  • Brake Pads- You know the brakes on a vehicle don’t last forever. These car parts must be replaced every so often to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the vehicle and on the road. The Vauxhall Meriva’s brakes typically only last for about 18,000 miles. After this, they need to be changed, particularly if you are experiencing a squealing noise when you brake. Change both sides at the same time. This will not only make it easy to remember when each brake needs changed later, but will also ensure your braking is even.


  • Oil- Thinking of purchasing the 1.0L Meriva? This model is known for drinking a lot of oil. Keeping an eye on oil levels is essential when you own this car. They should be checked on a weekly basis. If you fail to keep oil levels up, Vauxhall parts, specifically the engine, could suffer. This can lead to very expensive repairs.


  • Steering Rack and Column- The steering rack on the Meriva causes a lot of issues. If you notice a clunking noise around the dashboard and the front end of the vehicle, the steering rack and column may be faulty. Replacing these car parts is required to fix the problem.


  • Power Steering- Power steering has changed the way we drive cars. It’s responsible for making it easy for us to direct our vehicle where we want it to go, whether we’re driving straight or making a turn. Unfortunately, the Meriva has been known to have power steering issues. If the power steering goes out, it can be very difficult to move the car. It may cause the steering on the car to jam up as well. Many Vauxhall dealers may be willing to fix this fault for free.


  • Rear Boot Switch- Getting in and out of the boot is important, especially when you have a family. This is the place you store the groceries, push chairs and bags full of nappies and toys. When the switch to open the boot fails, it can be a big problem. Replacing the switch is essential to fixing the issue.


One of the best ways to prevent problems from affecting your bank account is to check for common problem often, like when you do your regular maintenance. Catching these issues early can help you save money in the long run, because many car parts are linked together. If one fails or wears down, other parts may experience the pressure of the issue and may fail as well.


Vauxhall Meriva Recalls

To this date, there haven’t been too many Vauxhall Meriva recalls that car owners searching for a new ride need to worry about. In fact, there have only been two. Before purchasing a pre-owned Meriva, make sure it doesn’t have a problem with the following types of issues. If the car did, make sure you ask for paperwork proving the issues were fixed.


Steering Control:

Vauxhall Merivas were recalled because many were experiencing lost steering control. This was caused by the retaining ring of the car’s steering gear piston. The ring was not properly in its groove, making it likely it would come out and cause a loss of steering.

This recall was issued in 2007; vehicles affected needed their steering gear assembly replaced.


Front Passenger Seat:

Boasting a five-star safety rating, the Vauxhall Meriva is one of the safest cars on the road. However, in 2010, a recall revealed a very dangerous situation with the front passenger seat. The bolts that held the rails to the seat frame on the front passenger seat were likely to fail. If they did, the seat would be able to move around without much warning. If an accident were to occur, the front passenger might be as protected by the seat belt.


Are you looking for a safe, dependable and flexible vehicle? The Vauxhall Meriva may not be perfect, but if you know what car parts to watch out for, it may be the ideal vehicle for you.