Buying Guide

We want to make the experience of using our website as simple and quick as possible. Selecting the correct parts first time is very important to us

Here are just a few pointers to help you:

1. Before you start looking for parts, the first thing you should do is select your vehicle by either using the Reg lookup or by selecting your vehicle manually from the drop down menu.

2. Where you use the car registration look up function please note that while this is an invaluable tool in assisting you select your parts - it is dependent on the accuracy of the data held by the DVLA. It is not a guarantee that the correct vehicle will be identified and that your parts will be correct - (Also see point 4).

3. If you are selecting your vehicle from the drop down menus, please make sure you select the correct vehicle using the technical specs.  Selecting a different HP  vehicle for example may mean that the parts will be incorrect.

4. A lot of vehicles will have more than one part of the same type listed. This means that identifying the correct size or option is vital to ensure you get the correct part for YOUR car - the first part in the list or the cheapest will not necessarily be the right part!

An example of this is for brake discs could be where we list both a 300mm and 330mm diameter option - your vehicle would have one or the other fitted and they would not be interchangable!

Most of the parts in our on-line catalogue provide dimensions or other fitment criteria to help with making the correct choice. To avoid an incorrect selection just check that the size matches to the existing part on your vehicle or double check that other criteria match (such as engine number which can be easily found on your log book).

5. There is no need to include your vehicle details when using the search box at the top of the page, (eg Audi A4 Control Arm or 205 window Reg), in any part search as products are automatically filtered when you have selected your vehicle by either Reg lookup or the dropdown menu.

6. If using a search term in the search box rather than clicking through the product menu, it is better to use a single word such as 'Sensor' rather than 'Air Mass Sensor' or 'Crank Position Sensor'. More parts may be shown but it will eliminate not showing parts because of differences in spelling or word order.

7.  If you are not sure what part to select it is “best not to guess”. You can call us at 0121 626 7891, use the contact form provided or use our live chat function for assistance.

8. FINALLY: Application lists, catalogues, descriptions, information or advice provided by us in respect of goods is as accurate as possible although is for illustrative purposes only.  Under some instances, the actual part received may differ in appearance or have slightly different content from that shown in the image. In all instances it is your responsibility to check yourself that the parts supplied are suitable for the application involved.

Thank you for reading.