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Sachs: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

Sachs has the ideal clutch to suit just about every vehicle in accordance with OEM regulations.Tried and tested thousands of times. And the linings are asbestos-free. The service life of the individual clutch components is just about equal nowadays. For this reason, Sachs offers a programme with complete kits as the optimum solution to meet spare requirements.

The kit consists of:

    * pressure plate
    * clutch disc
    * releasing device

It is supplied complete with special grease for assembly and perfect functioning.

The Sachs planetary dual mass flywheel (DMF) is the key to passenger car and commercial vehicle drivability. The driver and occupants are aware of reduced driveline and body noise and enjoy smoother travel with more pleasant gear changes. The use of advanced and multi-functional components now enables the Sachs dual mass flywheel to be also in lower midsize cars.


The engine‘s ignition-induced rotational speed irregularity causes torsional vibration in the vehicle‘s driveline. At a given speed the ignition frequency is equal to the natural frequency of the driveline so that extremely high vibration amplitudes occur that cause transmission rattle and vibration.


In the Sachs planetary dual mass flywheel, the planetary gear and the torsional damper are incorporated into the flywheel. For this purpose, the flywheel is divided into a primary and a secondary mass, hence the name planetary dual mass flywheel. Noises are now a thing of the past.


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