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LUK: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

Founded in 1965, LuK is now one of the leading suppliers to the Vehicle Manufacturers.
Part of the Schaeffler Group that also incorporates INA and FAG, LuK produce clutches
for cars, LCV, CV & tractors. Included in the product range are recent innovations such as clutch hydraulics, dual mass flywheels and damped flywheel clutches, self adjusting
clutches and power steering pumps.

Every fourth car that comes off the production line anywhere in the world is fitted with a LuK clutch. In Europe that figure rises to 1 in 3 and in the UK over 50% of all car produced have LuK technology as standard.

LuK produce from 20 sites worldwide, from as close to home as Germany, France and
the UK (Sheffield). To places such as Mexico, South Africa, the USA and China.

Research and development are highly valued at LuK with around one in 4 employees
involved. It is their ideas such as the DMF & SAC that are shaping the world of the
automobile tomorrow.














LUK Conventional Flywheel

LUK Clutch Kit.