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DEC Superscan 3 - The intelligent Scan Tool that provides excellent coverage as well as great programmimg capability. The unique software blends user interactivity with knowledge.
DEC Superscan 3

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Nextech Carman Scan - The Carman Scan range of scanners from Nextech are the best available for Asian vehicle coverage as well as providing a good depth of coverage for European makes. Whether you choose the top of the range Carman Scan VG+ or the Wii, you will not be disappointed.
edge Nextech Carman Scan Lite


VAG COM (VCDS) - This is a must for anyone working on VAG vehicles. A mixture of near dealer level coverage, low cost and no software update charges make this a fantastic system.
edge VAG-COM Pro


Durametric Porsche - A PC based system giving good diagnostic coverage over most of the Porsche range which has previously been very difficult to find scan tools for.
edge Durametrics Porsche


VAUX COM - If you work on Vauxhall and GM vehicles you can now get a PC based interface to make your job easier. With a lot of dealer level programming as well as other scan tool functions at a low price this is a must for technicians.


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