Safety is always an issue that should be at the back of your mind when you’re behind the wheel of your Renault. There are many things that can go wrong on the road, and not all of them have to do with the design of your car. Outside influences can play a role as well.

According to, the top six causes of death and accidents on the road are:


  • Glare From the Sun- This is especially a problem in the fall, but since 2010, there have been 28 deaths a year caused by low lying sun creating a glare. About 3,900 individuals are injured each year because of it as well.


  • Sneezing- It’s impossible to sneeze and keep your eyes open at the same time. This is very unfortunate when you’re behind the wheel of your Renault because you can travel as much as 50 feet on the motorway without even looking at the road during a sneeze. This accounts for thousands of accidents every WEEK.


  • Potholes- You’ve seen them. They look like gaping holes that someone failed to report to the local council. Half of all drivers have either had a near miss when they were attempting to avoid a pothole or have crashed.


  • Children- I’m not touching you. While it’s tempting to settle those arguments between siblings while you’re driving down the road, don’t. Research states our kids are more distracting to us in the car than our cell phones.


  • Speeding- This problem is caused by faulty Renault parts or outside influences. It’s caused by being in too much of a hurry. Slow down. Your speeding could be the death of you. In fact, it is for thousands of people each year.


  • Poor Weather- Snow, hail, heavy rain and fog are responsible for many road accidents every year. A 2011 report even found that slippery roads were the cause of 10.9 percent of fatal accidents.


The first and the last are what we are going to discuss today. These problems demand certain car parts. In fact, if you are going to avoid having an accident, these car parts are extremely necessary. What are they? Headlamps.

Your headlamps can help warn other drivers of your presence and provide you with the visibility you need to see on dark and stormy nights. If you’re going to stay safe, you have to make sure your headlamps are ready for anything. That means making them as bright as possible.


Making Your Headlamps Brighter

Clean Them- Clean headlights are not only safer, but they can actually make your Renault look newer. Unfortunately, a plastic oxidation often occurs after years of driving, causing the headlights to fog over and become less-than-adequate.


Cleaning kits can be purchased and used on these car parts easily. To undertake this task, you’ll need to:


  • First clean the exterior of the plastic with soap and water. This will help remove much of the dirt and debris from the road. Wait until the headlights are dry before moving onto the next step.


  • Use tape to protect the paint on your car. Tape off these car parts by placing the tape along the edges of the headlamps.


  • Most headlight restoration kits require the use of sandpaper on the headlights. Whether in a wet or dry application, the sandpaper should be used in a side-to-side motion. Always be careful to avoid touching the body panels on the car.


  • Dry the lens cover of the headlight with a detailing cloth.


  • Use an applicator pad and apply a small amount of polisher to it. Then buff the headlight until is it clear. You should be able to notice a distinct difference in the look of the headlight right away.


  • Use a detailing cloth to dry the lens assembly once again.


  • Remove the tape.


Replace the Automatic Controls

If you notice that your headlamps are shining as brightly as they should anymore, or even where they should when you’re driving down the motorway, the problem could be your headlamp range adjustment control. This Renault parts adjusts the headlights as you drive, either automatically or manually, based on the load in the car and the vehicle’s tilt. This ensures you are able to see at night and in bad weather easily, no matter the position of your car.

If there is a problem with this car part, the signs will be obvious. The headlights might not tilt down or up when you need them to. You might have trouble seeing when going over hills or when rounding corners.

Replacing this car part is the one way to ensure your safety and make your headlamps shine brighter.


Replace Other Car Parts

Like the battery. One of the main reasons headlights become dim at night is because of a weak battery. Have yours tested, and check to see if any of your other lights in the car are experiencing the same problem. The battery may not be providing enough juice to power the lights fully. If the battery is new or is in no danger of being the problem, the alternator might also need to be checked. A failing alternator will often result in dim headlights.

If the alternator is alright, it’s time to visit your local garage. Unfortunately, a dim light situation could possibly be caused by a wiring problem. Because electrical problems under the bonnet are technical and can be dangerous, a professional should always be called in to assess them if you aren’t familiar with the aspects of it.


Changing Your Headlights

Keep in mind that no amount of secrets are going to keep your headlamps working forever. These Renault parts eventually need to be changed. If you find that one of your headlights has stopped working, replace it as soon as possible. In fact, you should replace both headlights at the same time so you can be sure they are both ready for the road.

You should never attempt to drive at night or in weather when your headlamps are not working properly. This can severely limit your ability to see and the ability of others to see you. Remember that you’re not just putting your safety and your life on the line when you do this, you’re also risking others at the same time.

Want your headlamps to shine brighter? Use these tips to increase your safety on the road.