When it comes to family saloon cars these days, there are a lot of options on the market. With big-name models like the Volkswagen Passat, Vauxhall Insignia, and Ford Mondeo, you might not think of the Peugeot 508 as your first choice. While this car faces steep competition, drivers have found it to be a stylish, comfortable, and luxurious option.


Pros and Cons of the Peugeot 508


  • Engines- Peugeot has done an excellent job of ensuring that the 508 engine range is efficient. The Hybrid4 model is the best option, with only 95g/km CO2 emissions and 78.5mpg. This not only means it is a brilliant choice for reducing your carbon footprint, but it also means it is exempt from road tax, which is hard to come by in a car of this size.


  • Comfort- While the 508 has firm suspension car parts to ensure it handles correctly, which often means an uncomfortable ride, the engineers have gone above and behind to make sure this wasn’t the case. As you drive over potholes and bumps, you might not even notice they were there. In addition, the cabin is insulated well so you won’t have to deal with road, engine, or wind noise while you’re driving.


  • Performance- Sitting behind the wheel of this Peugeot is almost magical. Its steering is responsive, it has plenty enough grip, and it takes corners like it was made for it.



  • Boot Space- While the Peugeot 508 is a big car, the majority of the space is in the front and back seat. This means that the boot is a bit smaller than its rivals. It does offer 473 litres of space, but if you choose the Hybrid4 model, you’ll have even less room because the batteries are hidden in this area.


  • Practicality- When it comes to storage, the Peugeot does disappoint. It lacks areas throughout the car to store small things, like mobile phones and children’s toys. There are also a lack of cup holders.


Problems With the Peugeot

While the Peugeot does have a few cons on its list, none are greater than its reliability and maintenance issues. According to feedback from drivers throughout the UK, Peugeots are still looked upon as the least satisfactory vehicles to own in this country. A survey in 2013 even found that out of 32 manufacturers, Peugeot ranked very low on the list at number 31. This doesn’t bode well for individuals thinking of purchasing the 508. In fact, there are a few common problems you can expect if you own this car.


  • Electrics- Most Peugeot owners complain of electric problems with their 508s, including problems with the radio, iPod connectivity, dealer software updates, headlamp failures, battery circuit relay failures, and navigation failures.


  • Engine- Some 508s have experienced problems when overtaking. Most often the Peugeot parts to blame were the valves, which needed to be replaced. There has also been one safety recall to ensure that the fuel pipes and other car parts in the engine compartment were not damaged or corrupted during production.


  • Suspension- While the firm suspension allows for better handling and the engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure this doesn’t mean an uncomfortable ride, many owners still experience excessive vibrations when travelling at higher speeds on the motorway.


Purchasing the Peugeot 508 may mean finally finding a family car you’ll love. Be aware, however, that this car does come with problems and that you’ll need to be prepared to fix any Peugeot parts that may cause you issues.