Need to Replace a Part Now? Spare Peugeot Parts it Pays to Keep at Hand

Over time, the car parts that make up your Peugeot wear down and even potentially break. They may become damaged as you drive on rough roads or may simply fail because of the number of miles you put on your vehicle. Some Peugeot parts fail because they aren’t designed to last forever. How often you need to replace these parts will vary depending on the amount you drive the car, your driving style, where you drive it (city or motorway) and how well you maintain the parts.

That being said, they will eventually need to be replaced. Some are more prone to needing replacement than others, however. Keeping these parts on hand may not seem like a big deal right now, but when you suddenly need them, having them close by will definitely help you get back on the road quickly.


Car Parts to Keep at Hand

So, what car parts should be stored in the boot of your Peugeot and in your garage? Here are a few of the most common you might need.


  • Oil and Oil Filter- Changing your oil and the oil filter in your Peugeot should be on your regular maintenance schedule. Many manufacturers recommend this occur every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, although newer vehicles can get away with long intervals between oil changes.


  • Windscreen Wiper Blades- These typically need changed every year or every two years. However, if you live in a location where they are constantly used or park your Peugeot outside in the sun, they may need changed more often. Take a look at them often to see if the rubber is wearing down or separating from the rest of the car part. If the windscreen appears to be damaged, replace it. Switching out to new wiper blades a little early is better than sacrificing your ability to see with broken wiper blades.


  • Air Filter- These parts need to be replaced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. While this seems like a long time, keeping these parts at hand is important. In dusty environments or areas where pollen is high, they may need replaced more often to keep your Peugeot running like it should be.


  • Brake Pads- Brake pads are one of those Peugeot parts that are designed to operate for a little while and then be replaced. They generally three to five years, but can wear down much more quickly if you have to stop and start the vehicle frequently, like you would driving in the city. If you are an aggressive driver who lives to keep your foot off the brake until the last possible moment, your driving style may also cause this car part to wear down fast. Keep an extra set of brake pads at hand, just in case you need them. Remember to replace both sides at the same time as well.


  • Bulbs- Just like in your home, the bulbs in your vehicle will eventually die. While there’s a possibility they can last up to seven years, they may perish sooner if you drive on bumpy roads. The bad part about these car parts is the fact that once they die, they have to be replaced immediately. Not only does driving with a headlamp or taillight bulb out affect your safety, but it can get you in trouble with the law as well. Having replacement bulbs ready to go can help you avoid problems. Keep them in your boot, along with the tools necessary to remove the headlamp or taillight, so you can access them easily even if you are not home. This is important, as you never know where one of these bulbs might decide to fail.


  • Spark Plugs- These small, but essential Peugeot parts typically last up to eight years, but when they start to fail, they cause a host of problems. Your vehicle may jerk and sputter, you may not get the fuel economy you used to and you may have trouble getting the power you want from the engine. Spark plugs play an important role in engine timing, so keeping them at hand is a good idea. If you notice trouble related to a worn spark plug, having them stored and ready can  make it easy for you to get your Peugeot operational again.


  • Belts- Belts are inexpensive car parts that play a big role under the bonnet of your car. Your serpentine belt should last for up to six years and the timing belt should last for eight years. If they suddenly snap or slide off their pulleys, however, they may need to be replaced. Buy them now so you know you are ready for the worst should it occur.


  • Tyres- Having a set of four brand new tyres sitting in your garage isn’t practical, and it can be quite costly. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the fact that tyres fail and may need to be replaced often. Instead of investing in four tyres now, however, simply invest in one and keep it in your boot. If you happen to drive over a nail or puncture your tyre in some way, you’ll have a replacement to keep you going.


Preventative Maintenance is Key

Sometimes there’s just no avoiding the need for replacement car parts. However, you can sometimes extend the life of certain parts by ensuring regular maintenance is performed on your Peugeot. Change the oil as directed by your car’s manual, take a walk around the vehicle to check for problems often and pay attention to any signs or symptoms the car may be giving off to alert you to a problem.


Most importantly, don’t try to do it all on your own, especially if you don’t have the expertise. Visit a mechanic on a regular basis to give your Peugeot a check up. He or she may be able to discover issues before they multiply or become bigger and more expensive problems. In the meantime, keep some of the most basic car parts on hand so you have what you need if an issue occurs.

By GSF Car Parts