Failed the MOT? Here’s How to Get Your Renault Kangoo Retested

The MOT, or Ministry of Transport Test, is an examination that almost every car owner in the UK must undergo if they have a vehicle that is three years old or older and still wish to drive it on the road. The test evaluates the condition of the vehicle and determines whether or not it is safe to drive.

Every one to three years, depending on the type of vehicle you drive, you must visit an approved MOT test station to have your car evaluated. In most cases, this is a simple test that your car will pass with flying colours, as long as you’ve been taking care of it and keeping up with scheduled maintenance. However, what happens if you don’t pass it?

The truth is, if you’re driving a Renault Kangoo, you’re already behind the curve.

Why You Must Work Extra Hard When Driving a Renault Kangoo

The Vehicle Operator Services Agency, or VOSA recently release data on the various types of vehicles that take the MOT every year. Disregarding the vehicles that numbered less than 1,000, the Renault Kangoo ranked the least likely to pass its first MOT test, with a stunning 63.54% pass rate out of 3,494 tested this year.

The problem mostly lies in scheduled maintenance. Owners fail to realise that after three years on the road, their vehicles are in desperate need of new brake pad sets, oil changes, and wiper blades. These Renault parts and services are essential for passing the MOT; if they are ignored, a failure is likely to happen.

What Happens If I Don’t Pass the MOT?

If you should fail the MOT its first time, you will be given a VT30 certificate. This certificate will provide all the information you need to understand what went wrong so you can fix any problems right away. You’ll then need to schedule a retest.

While there is no set time limit on obtaining a retest of your MOT, there are several things you should keep in mind.

  • It’s illegal to drive your Kangoo if you don’t have a valid MOT certificate. However, if you went in for the test before your previous certificate expired, you can continue to drive on that certificate until it reaches its expiration date.


  • You can drive the vehicle with a failed MOT, but only if you are driving it to a garage to be repaired or driving to an approved MOT location to have it retested.


  • If you leave the MOT test location to have repairs done, you have ten days to have any necessary repairs done. If you then return to the same MOT location, within the 10 day window, and only a partial retest is required, the test will be free.


  • A partial test includes the retesting of Renault parts that didn’t pass the first time. Partial re-examination items can be tested for free if you stay at the MOT location and have them repaired. These car parts include items like doors, wiper blades, lamps, the horn, seat belts, and fuel filter caps.


  • Partial tests can only be completed once. If you fail the MOT after this, a full test will be required again.

Appealing the MOT Decision on Failed Renault Parts

Mistakes happen, so if you think your Kangoo should have passed the MOT and didn’t, you have the right appeal that decision. In order to do this, you will need to ask the testing station for a VT17 form. Fill out this form and send it to the VOSA office nearest you within two weeks of the failed test.

If your appeal is approved by VOSA, you will be given part or all of the MOT fee back.  While the appeal is being processed, make sure to leave the car as it is. Any repaired car parts or changes made could affect the outcome of your appeal.