Looking for a car that offers brilliant safety features? The Renault Modus is an MPV, or Multi Purpose Vehicle built on the same platform as the Renault Clio. It’s very similar in style to the Clio because of this, but is taller, creating a more spacious and comfortable ride. They come well equipped and are a practical car to purchase, though their compact size does make it difficult to fit a large family in it.


History of the Renault Modus

The Renault Modus first made its debut in a Valladolid, Spain factory in 2004. They were designed to be practical cars and feature design elements that help with this, including the ‘triptic system’ rear seats. This system allows the seats to be changed so that either two large individuals or three small ones are able to fit in the back of the car.

In 2007, changes were introduced to the second phase of the modus. These changes were small and affected the design of the interior as well as a few small changes to the exterior. In 2008, however, the Grand Modus was born. This version of the Modus was much larger and scored high on Euro safety tests, garnering a five-star safety rating. The car was discontinued in 2012.


Pros and Cons of the Modus

The Modus  has a lot to offer car owners, but there are some downsides to owning one as well. The pros and cons include:


  • Excellent Fuel Economy- While this Renault model comes with several different types of engines, including 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6L petrol engines, the 1.5L diesel is what stands out. This engine offers the most economical fuel range, giving drivers up to 68mpg.


  • Small Boot- If you need a lot of space when shopping or going on vacation, this may not be the car for you. It has a 217-litre boot, which is really small. The Grand Modus, on the other hand, offers a much larger 305-litre boot.


  • Roomy Comfort- One of the biggest benefits to the Renault Modus is its ample headroom. Passengers in the rear of the vehicle don’t have to worry about bumping their heads because of the tall, boxy shape of the car. Legroom, on the other hand, isn’t as plentiful.


  • Inexpensive Road Tax- On a budget? The road tax for the Renault Modus is only £35 a year.


Common Problematic Renault Parts

Despite its brilliant qualities, the Renault Modus does have some issues. Like any car, it isn’t perfect. However, knowing what the common issues are is important before making a purchase. This helps you understand what you might have to deal with down the road and prepare for it.


  • Headlamp Failures- It’s very common for the headlight bulbs in the Modus to fail. While in many cars this isn’t a difficult issue, it can be for this one because the entire front bumper has to be removed to replace it. You can do this yourself, but if you are not skilled in replacing car parts, you might need the help of a professional.


  • Rear Brake Lights- These lights are also prone to failure, and it’s often caused by water leaking into the housing. They are located under the rear boot, so the leakage is not possible to avoid. However, fixing the issue is simple. You just need to replace the bulb.


  • EGR Valve- This Renault part, also called the Exhaust Gas Recirculation, is responsible for ensuring exhaust gas is able to get into the turbo. Unfortunately, the valve can fail. When it does, symptoms like black smoke coming from the exhaust and trouble accelerating will be noticed. This problem can sometimes be repaired by cleaning the valve, but that doesn’t always help. You may need to replace the car part in order to fix the issues.


  • Rough Engine- Many Modus owners experience a rough running engine and believe their car is headed for its death. This isn’t really the case. A rough engine in the Modus is most often caused by certain Renault parts: the ignition coils. Replacing these coils (all four of them) often makes the issue disappear.


  • Failing Sunroof- Thinking of purchasing a Renault Modus with a sunroof? Be aware that these sunroofs are prone to failing. They may stick or not open as they should. When this happens, the car part at fault is almost always the sunroof’s motor. To resolve the issue, the motor must be replaced.


  • Steering Wheel Clicking- Hearing odd sounds coming from your car, especially while you’re driving, is always scary. However, it isn’t always expensive or hard to fix. Consider, for instance, a common Modus problem: clicking noises when turning the steering wheel. This may sound awful, but the problem is just a small locating clip. This clip is located on the lower steering shaft. Replace it, and the sound will go away.


Recalls for the Renault Modus

After being in production for the good part of 10 years, the Renault Modus has experienced a few setbacks. There have only been five recalls since 2004, however. Three of the recalls were for:


  • Stop Light Failure


  • Front Head Restraint Failure


  • Rear Bench Seat Jamming


These are typically not car part problems you need to concern yourself with. In most cases, owners were notified of the recalls and were provided with free replacement parts and repairs at no cost. Owners who did not take advantage of Renault’s offer to fix the parts would have had to do so themselves before being able to pass the MOT. When purchasing a Renault Modus, make sure the MOT certificate for the vehicle is up to date and ask for any receipts and statements regarding repairs to these recalled parts. The seller should be able to provide them to you.

Looking for a reliable and safe vehicle to drive across country or just in town? The Renault Modus offers plenty of advantages. Be sure you understand what common issues you may experience through the life of the vehicle, however, and be prepared to solve those problems when they occur.