Common MOT Failures for the Renault Koleos

The Ministry of Transport test, or MOT, is a yearly vehicle test required of many cars on the road in the UK. Like taxes, it’s just something you have to do after your Renault Koleos reaches three years of age. The test ensure your Renault is road-worthy, or that it doesn’t have any defects that might result in it breaking down or causing an accident. The MOT also checks the CO2 emissions for the Koleos and determines if they fall within environmental standards set by law.

In many cases when you go in for your MOT, you’ll easily pass if you’ve taken time over the year to replace and maintain its car parts. There are some common problems that may be found, however, that could result in a MOT failure if you aren’t careful. Many of these issues are solved by regular maintenance and observation, so you can easily avoid having to pay for a retest.


Common MOT Failures: Renault Parts

According to, the most common reasons for MOT failures of the Renault Koleos are as follows:


Electrical Equipment, Reflectors and Lamps

Got a headlight out? Indicator not working? Is your check engine light on? These issues can all be easily seen or quickly discovered as you’re driving down the road and should be taken care of immediately. If you go in for your MOT test and haven’t addressed these issues, immediate failure will occur. Before you leave for the test centre, make a list and check it twice looking at the following car parts:


  • Headlight bulbs


  • Indicator bulbs


  • Number plate light bulbs


  • Fog light bulbs


  • Sensors, like your oxygen sensors, park assist sensor and MAP sensor


Change any bulbs that are out. If the bulbs come in pairs, like headlight bulbs do, change them both at the same time to avoid problems in the near future. Sensors may require special equipment to test. If you notice your check engine light is on, have a professional look at the Koleos and diagnose the issue prior to taking the MOT.



Brakes are important and keep you and other safe when you’re on the road. MOT testers inspect them thoroughly during a test to ensure they are whole and functioning properly. While many drivers may replace their brake pads as soon as they begin hearing the all-too-familiar screeching noise that comes from a worn-out pad, there are still 25.4 percent of Koleos owners who fail the MOT because of these Renault parts.

Before the exam, take a close look at the brakes on your Koleos and inspect, replace or repair the:


  • Brake pads


  • Brake discs


  • Brake shoes


  • Brake fluid


Steering and Suspension

The car parts that keep your steering and your wheels in sync as you drive down the road are vital to your safety and the safety of others driving around you. These car parts generally include:


  • Wheel hub


  • Wheel bearing


  • Track control arm


  • Tie rod end


  • Stabiliser or droplink


  • Ball joint


With regular maintenance, these Renault parts typically stay intact and functioning correctly. However, if they are not cared for properly, a breakdown in the control of the vehicle can occur. For this reason, 14.5 percent of drivers fail due to suspension problems and 0.6 percent fail because of steering issues. Be sure to address all of these issues to avoid failure.


Registration Plates

Did you know your number plates have to be displayed properly in order to pass your MOT? If they aren’t, you could quickly fail your MOT test and be fined up to £1,000. To avoid this, always keep your number plate the way it was designed. Do not alter or rearrange the numbers or letters to make it difficult for them to read.

The registration plate for your Koleos will consist of two letters that refer to the office where the plate was issued, two numbers that describe when it was issued and then three random letters. If you’re worried about others rearranging these letters and numbers or stealing the number plates, consider purchasing a theft-resistant number plate.


View of the Road

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that approximately 7.9 percent of drivers taking the MOT with their Koleos fail because of Renault parts related to their view of the road. This includes both the windscreen, windscreen wipers and wiper fluid. These car parts should be addressed on a regular basis to avoid failure.


  • Check for cracks or holes in the windscreen. These can result in a MOT failure if they compromise your view while driving. Your windscreen will either need to be replaced, or depending on the severity of the damage, replaced.


  • Inspect the windscreen wipers occasionally. If you notice the rubber or plastic is ripped, worn down, cracking or broken, replace it immediately. Windscreen wipers need to be able to easily wash away dirt, grime, rain and snow from the windscreen for visibility.


  • Windscreen wiper fluid can be sprayed on the windscreen to clean it thoroughly if dirt and grime is present. Make sure to fill the reservoir on a regular basis. If you notice the reservoir is continually running low, despite not using the fluid, the reservoir itself may be cracked and leaking.


Where to Get a MOT Test

VOSA, a government agency, is responsible for approving different testing centres throughout the country. Once these centres are approved, you’ll see a blue three-triangle logo at the station. There are approximately 19,000 testing centres throughout the UK.

At each station, the max fee for the MOT test will be clearly displayed. Although this testing fee is the maximum each station can charged, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually cost that. Each centre is different and may charge a lower price. The cost of your MOT will also vary on your vehicle type.

The MOT is something you have to do every year, so why not make it as painless as possible? Before going in for your MOT test, address the most common issues relating to Renault parts that may result in a failure. By taking care of these issues, you can avoid having to spend more time and money on a retest.