Top 5 Reasons You Could be Pulled Over by the Cops

You’re cruising along in your Audi, when you spot those unmistakable blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror. 

You’re being pulled over by the police. 

Getting pulled over is easier than you might think, but for most individuals, this achievement is not one they want to experience during their lifetime. Getting pulled over can result in tickets, fines, penalty points to your driving record, court attendance, and mandated driving courses. In addition, your insurance premium can also increase, resulting in higher monthly payments. 

Want to avoid all of this? Understanding driving habits from the police officer’s point of view can help you avoid those unwanted meetings with traffic cops. 

Reasons for Getting Pulled Over 


  • Speeding- One of the most obvious and well-known reasons for being pulled over is speeding. And while you might not think going a little over the speed limit is dangerous, there’s actually good reason for these traffic stops. The faster a car is going, the more time it takes to stop. In unexpected situations, such as pedestrians stepping out in the road or a car making an unexpected lane change, the reaction time for avoiding collision increases with the speed of the car. 
  • Cell Phone Use- Using a hand-held phone or device while driving a car, a motorcycle, or supervising a student driver is illegal in the UK. The same rules apply when queuing in traffic or sitting at a traffic light. When caught, drivers face a fixed penalty of £60 and 3 penalty points on their licence. 
  • Hazardous Driving- How many times have you driven past a vehicle and noticed another driver eating, shaving, applying makeup, or even changing clothes? How many times have you done the same? While you might not think you are breaking any laws, you are. You are putting other drivers in danger with these hazardous driving habits and moving at an unsafe speed. After all, there really isn’t a safe speed for changing a shirt in the car. 
  • Broken, Missing Car Parts- In the UK, traffic laws state that every driver must use headlights at night, unless using a road that is lit up with streetlights. Sidelights and registration plate rear lights must also be lit from dusk till dawn. Busted, broken, or missing Audi parts like this can result in tickets or warnings, depending on the mood and discretion of the police officer pulling the driver over. Many times, however, police offers will pull an individual over to simply inform them of the problem and let them know to repair the car parts as quickly as possible. Always check these Audi parts before leaving the house to avoid a ticket. 
  • Seat Belts- Drivers and passengers, no matter their age, must always wear seat belts if one is fitted to the car’s seat. Only one individual is allowed to fit in each seat belt as well. Being caught without a seat belt on can result in a fixed penalty of £60; if the case goes to court, though, you could pay up to £500. 

Want to avoid meeting your friendly neighbourhood traffic cop? Watch the way you drive, fix broken car parts quickly, and always wear a seat belt.