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Zimmermann: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

Otto Zimmermann GmbH had been developing and producing high quality motor vehicle components for the car manufacturers and spare parts market. Moving to a new location
in Sinsheim in 1990 became a landmark for Otto Zimmermann GmbH. To date Otto Zimmermann GmbH has increased the facilities including production and storage space
to cover 11.000 square meters.

The production programme includes more than 1000 varied brake and engine components that are marketed and exported via the trade wholesalers to 60 different countries. Zimmermann long-term aim is to have a cost effective and extensive share
in all the motor vehicle markets worldwide. In the year 2000 the founding of the Otto Zimmermann Truck GmbH enables the trading partners in the commercial vehicles division to profit from an individual marketing concept.

The Zimmermann ventilated sport brake rotor/disc was developed using the experience
gained in motor sports. All sport brake discs are made out of high quality heat resistant material. In conjunction with the ventilated brake disc surface Zimmermann sport brake rotor/disc forms an optimal braking system.

The Zimmermann Know-How was achieved through experience gained in racing sport.
The technology is a guarantee for your safety and the efficiency of the brake system.

Zimmermann Brake Discs

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