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Remy: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

Remy Automotive UK Ltd is the UK’s leading automotive parts remanufacturer
offering products of the very highest quality – rotating electrics, steering racks
and pumps, driveshafts, cv joints, brake calipers, ignition distributors and HT leads.

For each of these product ranges, a state-of-the-art catalogue is available; and all
information is also included in a FREE online Remy catalogue when you visit the
website or in a Remy CD Rom - and the coverage is more than 90%
of the European car park. Our different plants in Europe have all achieved the necessary quality certifications, such as ISO/TS 16949, in order to ensure the highest product quality, and all Remy products carry a 24-month warranty.

Under the Delco Remy brand, Remy Automotive is the UK’s leading starter and alternator manufacturer offering full coverage – more than 3,000 references covering in excess of 44,000 engineering specifications - 98% availability, the strongest technical and marketing support. Remy has expanded from purely rotating electrics into the various additional product lines over recent years because its research has shown that what its customers are really looking for is the one-stop shop.

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