Based in Pescara, Italy, Raicam Industrie S.R.L. designs, develops and manufactures OE Friction Braking products, which are supplied to a variety of vehicle manufacturers across the globe. Some of the most popular and recognisable vehicles on the road today are fitted with Raicam Original Equipment – a testament to the quality and durability of Raicam Friction Braking technology.

Raicam offers a range of replacement Brake Pads and Brake Shoes to the global automotive aftermarket – products within this range are of identical quality and are built using the same materials and production methods as products which Raicam provide to Original Equipment customers, meaning that any Raicam engineered products can act as a direct replacement for Friction Braking products which were fitted to the vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer, without any loss of performance.

Raicam’s aftermarket range covers a wide variety of vehicle applications and platforms.

BTN Turbo

BTN Turbo