1. GSF Car Parts may offer promotional codes and discounts herein described as ‘Promotional Codes’ (including without limitation discounts, offers, promotions, prize draws, vouchers, competitions etc) via different channels to new and/or existing customers.

2. By using any Promotional Code, you are agreeing to the following;

3. General Terms of usage

3.1 A Promotional Code may only be redeemed online at our website Discounts and/or free items cannot be redeemed in store, via telephone or mail order unless expressly advertised.

3.2 A Promotional Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion. Only one Promotional Code can be used per transaction/household. The website will calculate the best offer and apply only that discount.

3.3 A Promotional Code is redeemed by entering such code at the appropriate point on the online purchase order process for a qualifying purchase or in the case of discounts, vouchers and/or free items, as expressly advertised.

3.4 A Promotional Code is not exchangeable for cash and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotions.

3.5 The Promotional Codes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

3.6 The Promotional Codes are not available to employees of GSF Car Parts Limited or any other associated companies.

3.7 We accept no responsibility for Promotional Codes that are illegible, lost, delayed or damaged during any such promotion, on any media or channel delivered via or electronically on the website. Promotional Codes not submitted in accordance with these Terms, or incomplete, illegible, expired or otherwise defective shall be rejected and/or disqualified and our decision is final.

3.8 By entering any such Promotional Code, all participants agree to participate in any publicity arising from any awards, free offers etc and we reserve the right to feature the name, photograph and location of the participant in any future marketing materials, website publications, promotions or competitions and you consent to the same.

3.9 By entering any such Promotional Code, your personal data will be held by GSF Car Parts Limited for the purpose of administering any Promotional Code and contacting you in relation to the same.

4. Period Of Use

4.1 A Promotional Code is only valid during the period identified and on the dates and for the products specified in the media it was delivered in.

4.2 If no period is specified above, the Promotional Code shall be valid for no longer than 10 days from launch.

4.3 We reserve the right to (i) cancel or withdraw any Promotional Code, (ii) refuse to allow any customer to participate in the Promotional Code, (iii) decline to accept orders where, in its opinion the Promotional Code is invalid for the order being placed (iv) exclude any single or group of products from any general promotion (such excluded products can be found during the online order process at the relevant checkout stage upon entry of the Promotional Code, or prior to your purchase by emailing: and (v) amend this clause.