Trade Customers

Welcome to the section of our website dedicated to our Trade customers. We offer a number of unique services to help garages provide a better service to their customers and these will be introduced here in the coming months.


Webkat is the most comprehensive cataloguing system in the industry and it’s what our branch teams use to identify the parts you need. We are happy to provide our customers access to Webkat (which will also show the prices you’ll pay for our products) for a small fee. If you’re already registered, please click below for access. If not, please contact your local branch for more details.

Q.  How can I get access to Webkat?

A.  This catalogue is specifically designed for Garages & workshops.  You will have to register your interest with your local GSF branch and need a GSF Trade account. Log in details will then be sent to you by email when your account is activated. Your local branch will give you a call when access is completed and arrange a time for a demonstration if required.  Please remember to check your junk mail just in case.

Q.  I have received my user name and password, but I still can't log on!

A.  Use the user name and respective password sent to you. Please note that the user name and password are case sensitive. You can try copying the password from the confirmation email.  If you have just received the confirmation email and can’t log on immediately, try again in 5 minutes allowing time for the server to update you as a user.

Q.  I’ve forgotten my password and / or user name!

A.  No problem, just email, and we will email you the details again asap.

Q.  There are some blank areas on the screen when I load the page.

A.  It may be because you are not using the latest internet browser version, please update whichever browser you are using to the latest version.

Q.  What is the VRM Lookup.

A.  Type your registration number into the VRM Lookup box and we’ll search for your vehicle. Some information will appear in a popup box, if it’s correct, click accept and just double check the vehicle matches the description in the left hand margin. You can then start looking for parts.

Q.  My registration doesn’t link to the correct car?

A.  Sorry, you will have to select the car manually from the model list.  In this insatnce you will need to select the vehicle manually via make - model - engine click through menu.

Q.  My registration doesn’t link to any car?

A.  A few vehicles are not recorded in the same way at the DVLA so you will have to select the car manually from the model list. In this insatnce you will need to select the vehicle manually via make - model - engine click through menu.

Q. How do I get more information about the car I’m looking at?

A.  If you click the little ‘I’ button next to the model description near the top of the catalogue, it will produce a pop up window with some further information about the car. You will also see a brief description of the car in the left hand margin.

Q.  How do I find the parts I’m looking for?

A.  You can either search for the parts by clicking through sections in the search tree, or type in a keyword into the search box. We have tried to use all the common terms used for parts to make them easy to find.

Q.  I can’t find what I’m looking for!

A.  We are adding to our product range all the time & our catalogue information. Please call our mail order hotline who will be happy to help you.

Q.  What is the difference between ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ quality?

A.  Standard Quality: Item will be of top aftermarket quality carefully selected from alternative suppliers that offer excellent value for money. Eg, Vetech, Erst Klassig, Franzen, NK, etc.
Premium Quality: Item will be of top quality sourced from leading suppliers that usually supply directly to manufacturers. Eg, ATE, Bosch, Brembo, GKN, Lesjofor, LUK, Mann Hummel, Remy, TRW, Valeo, etc.

Q.  Where can I find consumables and things that are not car specific.

A.  These items will all be found listed under the Universal tab just next to the shopping basket.

Q.  How do I change the quantity of what I want to order?

A.  Just select the ‘Quantity’ box and type in the required number and then click the ‘Update’ button.

Q.  How do I know if my order has been received?

A.  When we receive your order, an Order Acknowledgement screen will be generated. You'll also receive an email confirming that we have received your order details and containing details of your order and your order confirmation number.  The supplying Branch also get an email detailing the order,  In the event of any problems, they will give you a call.

Q.  Can I add to an existing order?

A.  You can add items to your order until you confirm your order. Once the order is confirmed, you can't add items to the same order. If you’d like to order additional items, you will need to place a new order or call the branch to get the new order on the same Van to you.