Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s usual to have questions if you’re considering joining one of our teams. The questions below are a the ones we are asked most, so hopefully these answers will cover what you need to know but if not, don't hesitate to contact us.


Q. How often are vacancies on your website updated?

A. The vacancies on our site remain there until a candidate has been successful at interview. However, because we are regularly interviewing people, it’s possible that some vacancies may have already been filled when you see them on the site.


Q. Why is my local GSF branch not showing on the website?

A. Only those stores with current vacancies are shown on the site.


Q. Is every GSF vacancy shown on the website?

A. Yes, although if we have three identical vacancies available at one time in one branch, for example when we are opening a new branch, we'll only list the role once.


Q. If I apply online, can I apply again via telephone?

A. It’s always best to apply online. That way we are sure to have your details on our central database. If you apply by phone to one of our branches, we can’t guarantee that your application will be forwarded to the recruitment team.


Q. How many branches can I apply to join?

A. If your local GSF branch doesn’t have a suitable vacancy you can change your application to another store but remember, you are responsible for getting yourself to and from work, so make sure your commute is manageable.


Q. If I'm not successful can I apply again?

A. Yes. However, we do hold all records on our central system for six months, so we’ll contact you if we think you’re suitable for a vacancy that arises in that time. If you haven’t heard from us six months after your initial application, you’ll need to apply again.


Handy tips

Before you apply, we'd encourage you to use all the resources on this site (and any others at your disposal) to find out more about us and the role you're applying for. They're here to help you decide whether GSF, and the role you're interested in, is right for you.