Education and Training


GSF will soon be able to offer technical and commercial training and education.

The need for training has never been greater and the new range of GSF garage education and Training Program reflects this increasing
market demand, we have continued to set the industry standard for aftermarket training by introducing a series of new and advanced
programmes, which now includes courses on Unit Injector Systems, Gasoline Direct Injection and CANbus.

We have a wide range of training courses available from a Foundation level, all the way through to the more advanced programmes,
to address the challenges facing all of today’s vehicle technicians. 

As has always been the case GSF don’t do things by halves and our Education and Training Program is supported and certified by
some of the worlds leading Manufactures, Bosch, Delphi and ZF to name just a few.

Courses are held throughout the UK and at the manufactures throughout the year, GSF continue to be more than just a parts supplier.
GSF is your “one stop shop” for parts, equipment and training... and remember it’s never too late to learn, so contact your local
branch to find out more.