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Corteco: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

CORTECO specialises in automotive spare parts in the areas of sealing and vibration
control as well as offering interesting service parts such as cabin air filters.

CORTECO offers more than 18,000 products and service kits to the independent
garages - among them leading brands such as Simmerring® or the micronAir® cabin
air filters which are fitted in every other new car in Europe.

The extensive portfolio comprises: radial shaft seals (Simmerring®) and valve stem seals, integrated radial shaft seals (RWDS), combi seals and cassette seals, vibration control technology such as engine mounts, power train and transmission mounts, gaskets and
engine kits, cabin air filters as well as brake hoses.

The company, founded in 1996, has a total of ten offices located in Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain and Sweden, as well as in Singapore, the USA, Mexico and Brazil. CORTECO has representative offices in Russia, Poland, North Africa and Turkey.





Corteco Fibrous Gasket

Corteco Multi Layer Steel Gasket