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Shock absorbers, or dampers are part of your car’s suspension system, and the car cannot operate safely without them. Shock absorbers come in many different shapes and sizes and use differing technologies to accommodate different vehicle engineering solutions - Macpherson strut, single tube, twin tube, gas filled, adjustable - all different solutions to the same problem. A shock absorber’s purpose is to ensure that the wheel of a car maintains contact with the ground, to maximise handling and braking performance and does so by absorbing, or damping energy from the coil spring. When there is a problem with just one shock absorber, your car’s handling and braking performance will be affected. The ride might seem stiff and hard or too bouncy.

Why Buy Shock Absorbers from GSF Car Parts?


When it comes to replacing a shock absorber it is important to choose the right shock absorber for your vehicle and with the extensive selection available from GSF Car Parts, finding the parts you need is simple and fast. GSF Car Parts provide shock absorbers made by some of the world’s leading vehicle parts manufacturers and offer competitive prices for all. We also help customers to find the exact shock absorber they need with a minimum of fuss.

To find the shock absorbers for your car, simply enter your registration number into the box provided and confirm the make and model of your vehicle. GSF Car Parts will then provide a breakdown of the compatible shock absorbers available for you to purchase, all at really competitive prices.