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Plugs are amongst the most important car service parts available, and here at GSF Car Parts you’ll find reliable spark plugs, and glow plugs, for a variety of car makes and light commercial vehicles.

Correctly functioning spark plugs or glow plugs are essential, since they are required to ignite the mixture of fuel and air which powers the internal combustion engine. Over time, damage, dirt and the general aging process can inhibit the performance of the spark plug and cause it to fail or misfire. A glow plug is similar to a spark plug and is used to create the heat which ignites the fuel and air mixture in a diesel engine. Thanks to the glow plug, the diesel engine can start from cold in a matter of seconds, even in winter.

Different cars rely upon different spark plugs or glow plugs to operate, and when the condition of your car’s plugs affect its ability to start, or run efficiently, it is important to select a compatible replacement. For the right plug at the right price, it pays to shop at GSF. As a leading UK parts supplier, GSF Car Parts car offer spark plugs and glow plugs for most cars and light commercial vehicles, with savings to be made against dealership prices. But not only do we supply a choice of plugs, we also help customers to find the one they need.

Simply type your registration number into the box provided on the left of the screen and you will be directed to a list of the parts that are right for you. It’s this simplicity, along with our competitive prices, which make this extensive online store, one of the best ways to purchase great replacement parts.