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Internal combustion engines rely upon a finely balanced mixture of air and fuel. In order to maintain this balance, deliver the right volume of each element and ignite it successfully, modern cars rely upon a host of intricate mixture formation parts. From fuel injector parts and pumps to a variety of sensors to modulate the elements at work within the unit, all of the parts within the mixture formation system are integral and when they fail it is important to find a reliable replacement that is compatible with your car model.

GSF Car Parts supplies a variety of mixture formation parts from their extensive online store, including boost pressure sensors, lambda sensors, air and fuel pressure sensors and much more. All of the parts available here have been manufactured by top international parts brands and savings are available against dealership prices. With high quality parts available really great prices, our online store is popular with professional mechanics and retail customers alike.

To shop for mixture formation system parts at GSF, all you have to do is enter your car registration number into the box provided and confirm the make and model of the car you're working on. This allows us to direct you to the parts you need; which guarantees a successful, and affordable, repair job.