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Belt drives are used to transmit power efficiently within the car, using a flexible loop, or belt which links a series of rotating shafts. Drive belts are used within a car engine to ensure an efficient performance. The belt drives multiple components under the bonnet and within the engine, such as the alternator and the water pump; high quality drive belts create less friction while doing so. General wear and tear can affect the drive belt over time and if the belt is not replaced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's service schedule, it can snap, potentially causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage and the car will break down.

The timing belt is a toothed strip of synthetic rubber which is used to synchronise the turning of the camshaft and the crankshaft. Because of this timing belts are also referred to as cam belts. When replacing a worn out timing belt, it is essential to ensure the correct level of tension on the belt. This is achieved using a timing belt kit, which includes a tensioner pulley. The GSF Car Parts online store is home to a wide range of drive belts from respected, high quality parts brands. These parts are available for less than their dealership equivalents and we can help you to find just the parts you're looking for.

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