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Bosal: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

Bosal’s extensive experience in the development and production of various OE products for customers around the world gives its global aftermarket operations a significant lead. Therefore, Bosal is able to provide its customers with a full range of top quality, fully type-approved products at unmatched levels of service. Innovative and responsive logistics and dedicated e-business solutions result in an unrivalled availability.

Exhaust systems
Bosal is a major worldwide supplier to car manufacturers for complete exhaust systems including manifolds and catalytic converters. By exploiting these OE competences in the aftermarket, Bosal AM exhaust systems meet the most stringent standards and guarantee a life expectancy in line with customer needs. Our expertise in the design and production of exhaust systems ensures all our products offer secure and easy fitting and original equipment performance.

Thanks to its intensive market research and customer feedback, Bosal is in tune with changing market circumstances. That’s why Bosal has the widest range of exhaust systems available in Europe. Over 10,000 references are available in the range.

Catalytic converters
Over 900 different catalytic converters are available in Bosal's aftermarket range, covering both petrol and diesel cars. For petrol engines, Bosal has developed its own radial flow catalytic converter with an innovative metal substrate. The radial flow concept ensures an even distribution of the gas flow in the converter to deliver optimized conversion of harmful gasses.

For diesel engines, Bosal has developed its own diesel axial flow catalytic converter, using also the innovative metal substrate technology. Both concepts enhance the reduction of emissions and ensure a high durability.