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ATE: Supplier to GSF Car Parts

The quality of our products convinces garages, final customers, and of course the motor vehicle manufacturers. Our products frequently are the first choice for original equipment – we thus are leaders in the area of brake control and wheel brakes. An example of objective quality characteristics is our use of 160 different material blends for brake pads, always in conformity with the series qualities. Our competitors, on the other hand, normally use only four or five different blends.

Anyone replacing wearing parts who sets store upon the original quality of the manufacturer reaches for products of the ATE brand. As a result, we also hold a leading position in the aftermarket: Number 1 in Germany with a market share of over 30 %, Number 2 throughout Europe, and worldwide one of the Top Ten.

ATE products are sold through company-owned outlets or independent dealers all over
the world: 150 employees look after 650 customers in 75 countries.

ATE Ceramic Brake Pad