Vacuum Pump Oil

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At GSF Car Parts we stock a range of premium quality vacuum pump oil that will keep your car’s engine parts and braking system in good condition for longer.

Vacuum pumps are an integral part of the workings of diesel engines, because they provide a high-pressure vacuum for the brake servo. While they aren’t needed in the engines of petrol vehicles, brake system vacuum pumps are sometimes fitted to boost efficiency and performance in petrol vehicles by providing hydraulic support for the brakes.

At any rate, the pump can often significantly improve your vehicle’s response and efficiency, so it’s important to keep it maintained. Our oils are formulated to protect against corrosion and wear, meaning your vacuum pump will stay in top condition for longer.

At GSF Car Parts, we stock every kind of lubricant and fluid you need to maintain and service every part of your vehicle, including brake fluidhydraulic oil, and engine oil. We also have measuring jugs and funnels that make the process of topping up oil easier and cleaner.

Order your vacuum pump oil with us today, and when you spend a minimum of £25 you’ll automatically qualify for free delivery. You can also use our Click and Collect service to get your oil delivered to your nearest branch. Got questions about our products or delivery? Call us on 0121 626 7971 to learn more.