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Eolys Fluid

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  1. EOLYS 176 FLUID 3L eolys 176 fluid 3l Part No :980AA1520
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Buy eolys fluid with GSF Car Parts. In this range, you’ll find quality oils that can be used to replenish your car’s eolys fluid supply, which will in turn help to keep the diesel particulate filter clean and efficient. Our range includes a variety of quality DPF eolys products as well as filling kits that contain everything you need to inject the fluid into the fuel system.

Inside the DPF system in certain diesel vehicles, it’s normal for soot to build up over time — this just means that the filter is doing its job. The filter is usually able to self-clean through a process called regeneration, where the soot deposits are burned away when the engine is running at a high temperature.

Some makes and models — notably Peugeot, Citroen and Ford — use a fuel-borne catalyst called eolys fluid to help aid the regeneration and cleaning process. Eolys is an oil-based compound that is injected into the diesel fuel system. Once inside, it changes the composition of the soot that is creating during the combustion process, enabling the particles to be burnt at lower temperatures. As such, eolys fluid plays a vital role in the overall function, efficiency, and cleanliness of your diesel car’s DPF system.

In this range, you’ll find only the very best eolys fluid from respected auto suppliers, including the popular PatFluid brand. So, you can be sure they’ll do a fantastic job of keeping your vehicle’s DPF system in top condition.

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Order DPF eolys oil from our online store today. We offer free UK delivery over £25 and have a fast and convenient Click and Collect service. All you need to do is place your order, and your eolys fluid will be ready to pick up from your local branch as soon as an hour later. Shop now.