Compressor Oil

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At GSF Car Parts, we have an impressive range of compressor oil that will keep your air con in good working order. These high-quality oils will keep the mechanical parts of the compressor in your car's air conditioner unit running smoothly, ensuring your car's cabin remains nice and cool in hot weather.

Compressor oils are a type of refrigerant lubricant that reduces friction inside the compressor in electric air conditioners, reducing the amount of heat generated and generally allowing the moving components to run smoothly. It also acts as a sealing agent for the rubber hoses and seals inside the unit. Compressor oil is usually made from synthetic oils, and is also sometimes known as PAG oil, because polyalkylene glycol is the key ingredient in synthetic products.

If the oil level falls too low, or the quality of the oil deteriorates below a certain level, the air con can fail completely. So, it's important that it is checked regularly and replaced as needed, particularly at the start and end of the summer season.  You can do this by draining the old oil out and replacing it with the right type of compressor oil, as recommended by your car's manufacturer.

If you’re carrying out some repair or maintenance work on your air conditioner, you might also be interested in our air conditioner condensers, blowers, and temperature sensors. We also have air conditioner cleaners that might be of interest to you.

Everything you see on our site comes with a low-price promise, as well as free UK delivery over £25, so you’re sure to get a great deal when you buy anything from us. Or use our Click and Collect service to pick up your oil at a time that suits you. Buy air compressor oil at GSF Car Parts today.