Washers, Seals, and Circlips

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  1. TRIM CLIP trim clip Part No :863VG0230
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  2. TRIM CLIP trim clip Part No :863VG0470
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Find professional quality washers, seals, and circlips at GSF Car Parts. In this range, we have a fantastic selection of spring discs, O-ring repair sets, circlips, and clips. Each one has a slightly different function, but all are fundamentally used to join, connect, or secure two hoses or other car parts.

When used in a vehicle, washers, circlips, and seals work together to create a watertight seal between two pipes or hoses, or to securely fasten two different parts together. As such, it’s crucial that this join is strong and reliable. But, like any car consumable, these essential parts can deteriorate over time, meaning that they will need to be replaced every so often in order to ensure they’re working properly. We stock an extensive range of washers and circlips from some of the best brands in the industry, like Pearl Automotive and Vaico, meaning you can rely on them to do the job you need.

These aren’t the only fixings and fasteners we have to offer, either. We also have nuts, bolts, screws, and washers that are ideal for any kind of automotive assembly work, as well as fixings and rivets, cable ties, and split pins. Like all of our products, everything comes with a fair price promise, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on quality parts.

To help keep the cost of repairs as low as possible, we offer free UK delivery over £25, so buy washer seals and circlips from our online store today. Or, if it’s easier for you, we also offer a handy Click and Collect service, which allows you to pick up your order from one of our 70 nationwide branches. Shop with GSF Car Parts today.