standard power steering rack

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Power steering rack for various VW and Seat applications.

The Power Steering Rack works on the same rack and pinion steering system as a manual steering rack, which uses a pinion gear connected to the drive shaft and placed on some teeth along the steering rack and when the steering wheel is turned the pinion gear will turn moving the teeth on the steering rack and turning the wheels. The power steering system does this although before the pinion gear there is a hydraulic fluid pump that is powered by a pulley and belt from the camshaft, and a rotary valve within a reservoir what is constantly turning when the engine is running and increasing in speed with the engine. The whole hydraulic system works to decrease the power needed to turn the wheels, in other words make it easier to turn then a manual steering rack.

Fitment Information

Surcharge 126
Brand Standard
Transmission Type TRW
Manufacturer Restriction without tie rods
Additional Information 2 without axle joint
Additional Information without steering rod
Additional Info without steering rod
Hole Pitch 1/ Hole Pitch 98mm
Length 1 [mm] 26
Number of mounting bores 2
Operating Mode Hydraulic
Overall Length [mm] 548
Specification with rods: DSR1483L.
Thread Size 2 M18 X 1.50