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    At GSF we are acutely aware that one of our customers’ biggest headaches is scrap disposal. What do you do with the bit’s you’ve replaced on your car? It’s tempting to ‘get rid’ to the local scrap man but how often do you see him? And, let’s be honest, once you’ve done that you don’t really know what will happen to it and in today’s world that’s not really good enough. You might be happy to take it to the local tip for them to recycle, which is the responsible thing to do but how often do the parts end up in your bin or lying about on the garage floor?

    So we’ve decided to help out...

    We’re starting with the old batteries that our new batteries replace and, as an incentive to you, we’ll refund you £3.00* if you bring your old battery back to us. Batteries are completely recyclable – the lead, acid and plastic that make up a car battery can all be used again but if it’s not properly recycled it can cause untold damage to the environment. We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s biggest recycling companies to ensure that batteries are properly recycled and everyone involved benefits from this great new initiative – the only one currently available from a national motor factor.

    We know that today’s motorists are becoming ever more conscious of the impact that their driving has on the environment and one way we can all help minimise this impact is to ensure that where possible we recycle as many products as we can. We’re starting with the old batteries that our products replace but over the coming months we’ll be introducing other products in an attempt to improve the image of our industry and provide a real and effective ‘green’ solution to a problem that is easy to solve.

    So please help us to develop our programme of responsible disposal and recycling by popping back with your old battery and we’ll do the rest, including making sure that you get your cash.

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